How to make coparenting work

California parents know that co-parenting children after a divorce can be challenging. Managing the interests of two adults and the children can lead to conflict. Co-parenting can be made even more difficult when emotions that have nothing to do with the children are involved. But there are ways to make co-parenting work, even if it takes time for both sides to adjust.

Setting boundaries and rules about co-parenting is very important. Some of the rules can even be built into the parenting plan that both parents agree to uphold when they negotiateĀ child custody. Rules and boundaries are particularly important if the parents have trouble keeping their conversations focused on the children and their interests. Additionally, conversations about the children should always focus on finding solutions to any problem that arises instead of accusations, insults and fingerpointing, which can only complicate a situation.

Seeing the other parent as a partner instead of the enemy is also very important forĀ successful coparenting. Though challenging, the feelings that involve the parents, separate from the interests of the children, must be put aside so that both parents can make their children a priority when dealing with custody and parenting issues. Finally, successful co-parenting takes time, so parents must be ready to keep trying, even when challenges arise.

Creating a parenting plan, especially one that includes rules and boundaries for co-parenting, can be a difficult and emotional process in itself. The guidance of a lawyer with experience in family law might be able to help divorced parents create a successful parenting plan.

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