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Although same-sex couples cannot yet marry in California, same-sex partners still have the right to register with the state as domestic partners. Under California law, domestic partners have many of the same legal protections and obligations that married couples have. When same-sex partners want to dissolve a partnership, it is equivalent to a divorce in many different ways. If you want to dissolve a same-sex partnership, or if your partner is taking steps to dissolve your union, you need a lawyer who can protect your rights throughout the legal process.

I am family lawyer Paula Kleinman. From my office in Vista, I represent individuals across San Diego County in the dissolution of domestic partnerships. Contact my law firm today.

Reaching Equitable Outcomes In Domestic Partnership Dissolutions

The dissolution of a domestic partnership will proceed in similar fashion to a divorce. You and your partner must come to an agreement on a number of issues. If this is not possible, the court will have to make these decisions. In my experience, negotiations are usually more cost-effective than litigation, but I have substantial experience helping clients negotiate and litigate favorable resolutions.

One of the major issues in any domestic partnership relates to the property rights of each partner. I can help you reach a fair arrangement, while paying close attention to the various tax consequences and other issues associated with the division of your property. If you and your partner each have parental rights, you and your partner, or the court must determine appropriate visitation and custody arrangements. The court will also outline child support obligations.

Domestic Partnership

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