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A divorce or child custody dispute can be resolved in a number of ways. In many cases, the parties can negotiate the issues in their divorce without the intervention of the court. Other times, the parties must go to court to determine property division, custody and support arrangements. For many reasons, mediation is becoming an increasingly popular method to resolving divorce and custody issues.

I am Paula D. Kleinman. My law firm is based in Vista, and I represent people throughout Southern California in family law matters. I have more than 20 years of experience practicing family law, and have achieved positive outcomes for my clients in all forums. I also have substantial experience as a mediator. If you are a family lawyer and want to schedule a mediation that will be focused on helping the parties reach an agreement that is acceptable to each party, contact my law firm today.

Family mediation gives the parties a chance to resolve their issues in a constructive environment. Mediation offers a number of additional advantages over litigation, including:

  • Mediation can be much less expensive than litigation, and is often much faster than litigation
  • Mediation is often more amicable than litigation and is less formal than litigation
  • Mediation can often result in creative solutions that may not be available to the parties in litigation
  • Mediation offers a higher degree of certainty than litigation. Once a case is in a judge’s hands, the parties lose any control over the final outcome
  • Unlike litigation, mediation is not a matter of public record. Therefore, if you want to keep the specifics of your divorce private, mediation can help you achieve this goal.

Mediation is not necessarily right for every situation. For instance, if your spouse is not being reasonable, it may be necessary to bring the matter before a judge. In any event, my mediation practice is dedicated to helping parties find common ground during difficult times.

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