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Under certain circumstances, you may wish to annul your marriage rather than divorce your spouse. California law allows for annulments under certain limited circumstances. A lawyer can help you see whether you qualify for an annulment. I am Paula D. Kleinman. I have helped people in difficult family situations for more than ten years. Contact my law firm today to discuss your situation.

Divorce and annulment are two entirely different things. Under California law, a divorce involves dissolving a valid marriage. In an annulment, there was never a valid marriage to begin with. An annulment under the law is an acknowledgement that the marriage never took place. In California, there are a number of grounds for an annulment, including:

  • Incest
  • Bigamy
  • Fraud
  • Incest

In cases of incest or bigamy, a marriage is simply void. In other cases, such as when one party was under the age of 18, if one or both parties are of unsound mind, or if one party entered into the marriage under fraud or duress, a marriage can be voidable, depending on the facts. If you want to annul your marriage, I will listen to the facts of your situation and counsel you as to your rights. If an annulment is not possible, I can represent your interests in divorce as well.

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An Annulled Marriage

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