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Any divorce has the potential to bring on a number of complications. If you or your spouse is in the military, there are many additional nuances. In order to accomplish your goals and place you on a secure footing, it is important that your lawyer understands these nuances. I am Paula Kleinman. My law firm, Paula D. Kleinman, A Professional Law Corporation is located two miles from Camp Pendleton. I have experience representing service members of all branches of the military, as well as civilians with spouses in the military. Contact my law firm today.

Helping Clients Through The Legal Issues In Military Divorce

There are many legal issues involved in a military divorce, such as:

  • Jurisdiction: Can California courts hear your divorce? California has residency requirements in every divorce. Members of the military move frequently, and if you just moved to California, you may not be eligible for a divorce in California.
  • Property division: Military pensions are extremely valuable, and may subject to division in a divorce.
  • Child support: A soldier’s Leave and Earnings Statement (LES) and Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) are not taxed. In order to determine a parent’s proper income level, these and other military benefits must be properly categorized.
  • Child custody and visitation: These issues can be difficult to resolve, especially when one parent is deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan, or is stationed elsewhere across the United States. Move-away matters can impact parents and children after a divorce as well.

Whether you are in the military or whether your spouse is in the military, you can count on my services as divorce lawyer in Oceanside and Vista, CA to have a complete understanding of all of these issues.

Military Divorce Lawyer

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If you and/or your spouse are in the military and you are divorcing, contact my law firm today. Call at 760-542-6072 or email my law firm to schedule your free initial consultation.

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