Mediation as an alternative to fighting and arguments

When California parents who are no longer together simply cannot get along when it comes to sharing time with the kids, conflicts are likely to occur. These arguments can be particularly frustrating around the holidays when organizing family time can be more stressful than usual. However, mediation is an option that can be utilized to work out these problems and find appropriate solutions.

Mediation is an method of conflict resolution. In order for it to be effective, everyone involved needs to be willing to talk problems out and compromise. The mediators help to keep the discussion calm and on task while providing a safe and neutral place to have the talk. Depending on the conflict and the willingness of those involved to work together, solutions may be agreed to within as little as one to two sessions.

The process of mediation is particularly helpful when parents do not want the court to create a custody and visitation agreement that does not work for either parent’s post-divorce lifestyle. Mediation is not bound to the rules set down by the court; parents can work together confidentially to work out who will have the kids on special days like holidays and birthdays. This ultimately allows the kids to have healthy relationships with both parents.

Splitting up a family is difficult for all of those involved. When it comes to child custody cases or property division, arguments and fights are very common. If the estranged couple attempted mediation but could not come to an agreement or a solution to the problem, a divorce attorney may help one party seek primary custody or with negotiations to keep certain marital property.

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