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Vista Divorce Legal Costs

Vista Divorce Legal Costs and Fees

Every divorce can be a difficult time in a person’s life. When your spouse has frozen your accounts, or if you have limited access to funds, divorce is very hard. You should not have to worry about being able to hire qualified legal representation in your divorce. Under California law, the court can compel your spouse to pay your legal fees and costs under a number of circumstances. I am Vista family law attorney Paula D. Kleinman. I have represented countless individuals throughout as  custody and divorce lawyer in Oceanside and areas beyond San Diego County. If you are concerned that your spouse has a substantial financial advantage in your divorce action, I can help you level the playing field.

California courts can order one spouse to pay the other party’s attorneys’ fees in three situations:

  • When there is a “disparity in access to funds to retain counsel” (i.e. one spouse earns more money than the other, or has access to greater resources than the other)
  • When the conduct of a party or attorney frustrates the policy of the law
  • Mediation offers a higher degree of certainty than litigation. Once a case is in a judge’s hands, the parties lose any control over the final outcome

The court has the discretion to make a complete or partial award of attorney fees. In many cases, an award of attorneys fees has the practical impact of driving parties in a divorce to reach a settlement. If you retain my law firm, you can be certain I will provide skilled, tenacious counsel throughout the length of your case.

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