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The California Department of Child Services (DCSS) serves a number of important roles. The DCSS enforces child support and medical orders. In addition, this agency is responsible for distributing child support payments. The DCSS can also help parents establish paternity. If you are in arrears on your child support payments, it is important to understand the DCSS has a number of tools to enforce the payment of your child support obligations, such as:

  • Wage assignments
  • Health insurance coverage assignment: If you are required to provide health insurance for your children and are not complying with this requirement, the DCSS can authorize your employer to deduct health care costs from your pay.
  • Liens on your real property or personal property
  • Suspension of your driver’s license and passports

The DCSS typically handles two kinds of cases. One such case is when the custodial parent receives government aid, such as Medi-Cal or benefits through the Temporary Aid for Needy Families (TANF) program, the DCSS will sue a noncustodial parent to repay the government for this money. In the other type of case, the DCSS will file suit against a noncustodial parent to establish a child support order on behalf of the custodial parent.

In either type of situation, if you the DCSS has filed suit against you or is trying to enforce delinquent child support payments, a lawyer can help you present your case to the DCSS in the best possible light. I am attorney Paula D. Kleinman. I represent noncustodial parents in California Department of Child Services claims.

The DCSS is very aggressive against parents it believes to have not paid proper amounts of child support. I will look closely at your situation and determine whether or not the DCSS has correctly calculated any unpaid support. If you have not paid support due to the loss of a job, I may be able to help you modify your child support obligations. In every case, I will present your case in the best possible light to the DCSS.

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