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How Is Spousal Support Calculated in California?

Making crucial decisions during a divorce is difficult. Many tasks in the divorce process can be complex, and…

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How Long Is Spousal Support in California?

If you’re facing a divorce case that may result in you paying spousal support, you likely want to…

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Why Do I Deserve Spousal Support?

No one is going to say that divorce is an easy process, and dealing with a potential loss…

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What Is Property Division?

Divorce is more than just ending your marriage. It is a formal legal process that involves several components…

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What Are the Three Types of Spousal Support?

Divorce involves many complex and emotionally charged legal issues, but spousal support is often the most contentious. Filing…

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When Can a Spouse Claim Spousal Benefits?

Social Security exists to provide a financial safety net for retired individuals in the United States. However, navigating…

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