How mediation can help California couples

Although doctors are less likely to divorce than other professionals, the stress of a medical career can lead to issues within a relationship. However, ending a marriage does not need to be an emotionally jarring experience that results in large legal fees. In some cases, it may be a good idea to seek out mediation or collaborative law options to terminate a marriage.

In a collaborative law or mediation scenario, the couple is encouraged to work together to settle the divorce in a manner acceptable to them. When couples go to court, they engage in an adversarial process where they need to fight against each other. Ultimately, both parties may agree to a settlement that neither of them is happy with. Therefore, it is recommended that couples look to mediation prior to hiring legal counsel.

Mediation sessions are not made public, and meetings with outside experts can be conducted in an informal setting. An additional benefit is that the spirit of cooperation involved in a collaborative setting, which can lead to a faster and less expensive settlement process. It is important to keep in mind that collaborative efforts are not for everyone. Those who have experienced domestic violence or are involved in complex divorce cases may need to hire legal counsel immediately to finalize their divorce.

When going through the divorce process, it is important to think about issues such as property division and child custody. While litigation may be an option, mediation may make it easier to resolve those issues without straining relationships between former spouses or their children. Once an agreement has been reached with a mediator, it may be legally binding between the parties involved. An attorney may advise an individual of his or her rights even if litigation does not occur.

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