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Understanding Limited Scope Representation in CA Family Law

It is not uncommon for people facing family-related legal matters to wonder whether they need legal counsel to…

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DNA testing plays conclusive role in establishing parentage

DNA testing has a good track record of identifying the father of a child. With an accuracy rate…

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Methods for making a child support agreement

California parents who have minor children and who are ending their marriage might wonder if there is an…

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How child support is collected and paid

Custodial parents in California might wonder how child support is collected and distributed in the state. Like other…

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Noncustodial disabled parents and child support

A California parent who receives child support might wonder what will happen if the noncustodial parent becomes disabled.…

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How parents can pursue child support across state lines

The Deadbeat Parents Punishment Act is a 1998 federal law designed to assist parents in collecting child support…

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