From day 1 it seemed that Paula took a personal interest in my case, almost as if what was happening to me was happening to her. My case probably spread out over the course of a year or more and there was never a breakdown in communication and she even reached out a few times just to check on me to see how I was doing. My case has been over for quite some time now and I no longer have her on retainer, but she still to this day has made herself available to answer minor questions for me out of the goodness of her heart. Will hire again if needed.

testimonials star image
Christopher Victoria

I used Paula a few years back. She thought of things that I didn’t even think of that I should include in my order. She was quick, thorough, and reasonably priced. She made the process easy especially since my ex’s lawyer kept submitting paperwork that was incorrect (showing wrong names and details-obviously cutting and pasting from other docs without proofing) but thankfully she was on top of it. To this day, I am thankful for what she did. I’ve talked to others who have had issues following their divorces that I don’t have because of her expertise and thoroughness. To any getting divorced, do yourself a favor and hire Paula!

testimonials star image
Julia McSweeney

Paula was such a great help when I was so lost with my legal issue! She kept on top of everything and made sure all of my forms were completed properly and made everything a breeze, no stress, and in a timely manner. Whenever I had a question she was right there with the info and reassured me that even though the courts were being goofy during this whole pandemic we would definitely hear something back eventually and we did!

testimonials star image
Kellen Sims

Great attorney and easy to work with.

testimonials star image
Jonathan Beck

Ms. Kleinman is professional and provides compassionate care.

testimonials star image
Blue Bird

Paula Kleinman represented me in a family law case. I was very pleased with the quality of her work and the results she attained for me. Paula was very responsive, professional and personable in my dealings with her. I highly recommend her services without hesitation.
Gerald Hall

testimonials star image
Max Hall (Jellyfish Drifter)

I believe in Attorney Paula Kleinman’s ability and expertise so much that I am writing my first review ever in the hopes that she can help your family as much as she has helped mine.

Initially, I tried to handle my case myself but after going to court I quickly realized I was in way over my head. I contacted Paula at the last minute, leaving her less than a week to familiarize herself with my case. Instead of turning me away, she just looked at her schedule and started naming off dates and times she could squeeze me in to prepare for court. Paula was incredibly easy to work with and showed great compassion for what I was going through. Obviously, family court is never going to be a fun or happy experience but my meetings with Paula managed to lighten the mood and gave me the confidence to keep going. She did her best to keep our costs down every step of the way. For instance, we were trying to obtain court records from out of state and for some strange reason the court charged far less if you used a Discover card. My husband and I just sat back and laughed as Paula rushed around her office trying to find anyone with a Discover card. She also gave me options I didn’t even know existed. Paula effectively negotiated with everyone involved and reached an agreement we could all accept, thus, ending any future court appearances, lawyers’ fees and most importantly the stress and pain this ordeal was causing my family and me. I firmly believe Paula’s tactful persistence is the only reason I was able to end this painful chapter in my life so quickly.

Paula will fight tooth and nail for her clients but she does so with tact and class. That is why I would whole-heartedly recommend Attorney Paula Kleinman to all my friends, family and even strangers on the street if they were in need of an outstanding family lawyer.

testimonials star image
Shannon Cortez

I found Paula’s law office at the most stressful time of my life. She and her associates are professional from the very first meeting. With many years experience in family law they know how to handle the most complex of cases with confidence and strategy. She answered all questions and responded timely to calls and emails. The best part of this law office is that they will fight for you. They leave no stone unturned. At the conclusion of my case, the Judge ruled in my favor and said to me, “ma’am, your lawyer saved you.”
I couldn’t have got through this without this law office. Professionalism at its best!

testimonials star image
Jerilyn Castech

Paula and her entire staff for the past 10 years or so has been absolutely amazing. Her staff has always been polite, positive, and proactive in every facet! I highly recommend Paula Kleinman and her staff for all your family court matters and /or circumstances! You can be rest assured that Paula and her staff will do everything they can to take care of your best interests in every family court matter/scenario you may have on your plate! Hands down…FIVE STAR QUALITY!

testimonials star image
Nicholas Seewald

There’s no way to avoid the simple fact that going through a divorce is incredibly traumatic. Not only was I dealing with the emotional turmoil, but now I had to prepare to go in front of a judge and basically have him decide the future of my life, not to mention the lives of my two kids. After hearing horror stories from plenty of friends, I was very aware of the importance of hiring the right lawyer. When I lucked into finding Paula, I knew things were looking a little brighter. At our first meeting the confident energy in her demeanor was an immediate calming influence and her ability to handle tough questions with ease went a long way towards keeping things in focus at a time when nothing really seemed in focus.

Many of the same friends who told me horror stories ended up representing themselves but I honestly can’t imagine doing that after seeing how much time and effort Paula put into my case. Her experience and familiarity with the court system was a complete game changer. Just going into the courtroom knowing she was going to handle all the speaking duties was a huge relief.
My ex and her attorney were both very aggressive and Paula had no problem handling either one of them. My case was successful on every single one of the topics brought before the court and in the end, I knew for a fact that the biggest reason why was having Paula on my side.

testimonials star image
Travis Henderson

I had a wonderful experience with Paula Kleinman as my attorney. She is a very knowledgeable and attentive attorney. She always responded quickly and was always professional. I needed representation on very short notice, and Paula took time out of her personal time (weekend) to work with me to ensure she had an understanding of my case. I am extremely grateful and would recommend her to anyone looking for an attorney.

testimonials star image
Anita Brown

She’s knowledgeable, confident, and keeps me on track, I couldn’t have found a better attorney for my divorce. I will recommend her any chance I get

testimonials star image
Kristie Tovar

Paula Kleinman has represented me these last 4 years through various family law issues. She has been by my side each and every time, attentive to my questions, prompt to response and accessible via phone, text and email. Paula is knowledgeable and organized. Her staff are a pleasure to interact with. I recommend Paula Kleinman as she has represented me to the best of her abilities and appreciate her and expect she will do the same for you!

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Peter Perera

I have been divorced since 2011 and due to my ex’s alcoholism and bipolar disorder it feels like I have been living through the stress of my divorce process this entire time. With repeated trips back to court for child custody visitation changes, Paula has been exceptional every step of the way. Prompt responses to all my requests and her excellent expertise has resulted in me getting more custody time after every hearing. Her office is easy to work with and she provides excellent service. I highly recommend her for even the most challenging cases.

testimonials star image
Robert Rieger

Going through a separation is such a stressful time in anyone’s life but having an experienced attorney to support through the process is such a blessing. With her wide range of legal expertise and prompt response really express her sincerity and priceless information/advise.

With lots of clients to help she will still walk the extra mile for you, so I respect and value her time. Her dedication, professionalism and assistance through the process helped me to critically analyze the best option.

I am grateful for her help and would not hesitate to recommend her to any friends or family members looking for an experienced Family Law attorney. Thank you!

testimonials star image
Sandy Kim

Like most people, custody battles are some of the hardest experiences to go through in life – it was for me.

I came across Paula just by searching the internet for attorneys in the Oceanside/SD area – She is truly a blessing!!!

I can’t put into words how much she did for my child and I. She is an unbelievable attorney. Wonderful communicator, honest, & prepared!

I can’t say enough good things about Paula, truly an amazing person beyond her profession. Not only Paula, but Alyssa in the office was nothing short of amazing – First rate attorney!!

If you are in need of any of there services, they will fight for you!!!

testimonials star image
Ezio Bruchler

Everything was at stake when I called Paula Kleinman. At first I tried to defend myself. It seemed to me like an open and shut case. The opposing party admitted in court to having no evidence other than their testimony. Unfortunately under our legal system their testimony was enough for the judge to drag the case out in multiple hearings over four months! I felt extremely frustrated, resentful, anxious and like I had absolutely no voice in the process that was consuming my life. At my wits end, I picked up the telephone and contacted Paula. When she began representing me she was at a disadvantage because I had already tried to represent myself (rather poorly) over multiple hearings. But she grasped the details quickly. She represented me at the final hearing and won the case without me saying a word. During the hearing the judge actually stated to me that I had “an excellent attorney”. It was at that moment I began to feel confident for the first time in months. We won the case that day. This experience taught me a valuable lesson. I learned that, when it comes to legal matters, it’s not enough to have the truth on your side. Unless you are an expert in the law, the truth may never even be heard in court because judges are unpredictable and witnesses can be vengeful, untruthful or even suffering from mental health issues which are not considered by the court. Without Paula I believe there would have been a terrible miscarriage of justice.

testimonials star image
Keith Angelin

I have retained Paula Kleinman twice. She is a kind and extremely knowledgeable. She wanted the best for me in my cases, and it showed. I love that she was always upfront with me and gave me guidance and direction at the times of my life when I needed so much help. I will always run to Paula, I will re-retain her if need be. She is fast, communicates and responds in a timely manner. For the time being, I will miss our discussions. She is awesome and knows how to reassure. I will always retain her. She is the best. I want to say thank you to all that you do, you and your team.

testimonials star image
Angela Taylor

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