What Are the Consequences of Domestic Violence in California?

Every crime written in California‚Äôs Penal Code has a corresponding penalty and appropriate escalation level, including domestic violence.…

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How Do Domestic Violence Cases Work in California?

Domestic violence can take many forms, forever changing the lives of families and individuals involved in these situations.…

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How Much Overdue Child Support Is a Felony in California?

California parents who end their relationship or marriage often face the challenge of one parent owing child support…

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How Long Can You Go Without Paying Child Support in California?

In California, parents who have recently divorced and have children typically have a child support agreement. This agreement…

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Who Pays Child Support if the Father Is a Minor in California?

Finding a way to support a newborn is one of the most demanding challenges of parenthood in general.…

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What Is the Average Child Support Per Child in California?

Child support payments are one of the most significant parts of deliberating a divorce. Higher-earning parents, especially if…

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