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Divorce is a complicated process, and couples who are considering this likely have several questions regarding their legal and financial statuses. For instance, you may not know what to do regarding child support, or you may be arguing continuously, meaning mediation may be brought in. No matter what your divorce situation looks like, it is vital to hire a Carlsbad divorce attorney who can represent you.

When hiring a divorce or separation lawyer, you may feel stressed out about your situation, especially because this matter is quite personal. However, our team at Paula D. Kleinman, APLC, is prepared to evaluate your case and determine how to move forward.

Carlsbad Divorce Attorney

How Does Divorce Work in Carlsbad, CA?

California is a no-fault state, meaning you do not have to provide a reason for wanting to divorce. Even if your spouse doesn’t want to divorce, you can still file for it. There are a couple of requirements you must meet in order to be eligible for divorce, which include:

  • You or your spouse are required to have lived in California for at least six months.
  • You or your spouse are required to have lived in your current county for at least three months.

You must then file your documents and pay a fee, which usually costs between $435 and $450. Your spouse must then be notified that you are proceeding with the divorce by sharing court papers. Finally, you’ll then share financial information with your partner and agree on how to split your estate, how to manage your finances, and how to care for your children. Once this has been determined, you can then fill out the final papers, terminating your marriage.

Our staff at Paula D. Kleinman, APLC, have the skills needed to assist clients with the following matters:

  • Child custody. The legal system in Carlsbad should prioritize the interests of the children involved in divorce cases. The court must make a decision on how often each parent sees their children, who lives with whom, and more. Factors such as income, domestic abuse, and more can influence the child custody ruling.
  • Spousal support. Also known as alimony, spousal support may be required for some couples. If one spouse makes more money than the other and cannot support themselves financially, then the higher earner may be required to pay a certain amount at regular intervals.
  • Property division. You and your spouse may have accumulated various assets and debts over time, and due to California’s community property laws, these can both be subject to division. The court uses certain criteria to determine what is considered community property, as well as what is separate property. Anything considered community property is divided a certain way, depending on your situation.

Divorce is never an easy process to navigate, but you have legal options in Carlsbad, CA that can streamline the process.

Do I Need to Hire a Mediator?

A mediator is a third party who is knowledgeable of the legal system and can help divorce cases move forward. Mediation isn’t always required for divorce cases, though you may want to consider hiring one if you and your partner cannot agree on specific terms. For example, if you cannot agree on child custody matters, or if you and your partner continue to argue over certain aspects of your case, mediation may help you navigate your situation.

How Can a Divorce Attorney Help?

It’s natural to ask what a divorce attorney can do for you, especially if you’re concerned about your financial situation. However, divorce attorneys can provide you with many benefits that can simplify your case and resolve your situation promptly.

The benefits of hiring a divorce attorney can include:

  • Explanation of divorce laws. You likely have several questions about your divorce, such as how your property could be split or what grandparents’ rights entail. You have the chance to ask your attorney any questions about your situation so you understand what the laws are.
  • Simplified legal process. The legal system in California is known for its complexity, and many who have to work through legal matters such as divorce may not know what to do. By having a knowledgeable attorney by your side, they can help you fill out paperwork, ensure you’re meeting certain deadlines, and avoid delaying the finalization of your divorce.
  • Remaining objective. Disputes in divorce cases are common, and it can be hard to agree on things if you and your spouse aren’t getting along at all. You may find it hard to stay reasonable and rational, but your attorney can help you stay on track and determine how to proceed.
  • Avoiding poor outcomes. Without legal representation at your side, your spouse could walk away with more property or finances than they should. To avoid situations like this from happening in the first place, let your attorney review your situation fully so they can protect you.

Divorce attorneys have the experience and knowledge needed to understand the current law and support you as you work through your divorce.

How Much Does a Divorce Attorney Cost in Carlsbad, CA?

While there is no set cost for hiring a divorce attorney, as this can depend on the attorney’s experience, location, and other factors, there is an average amount your attorney could charge. Divorce attorneys throughout California tend to charge around $150 to $450 per hour for their services, and some attorneys may charge a flat rate instead that covers all of their services.

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We understand how distressing and overwhelming divorce can be. You may not be thinking straight as a result of your situation, or you have questions about the confusing legal system. No matter what your divorce case looks like, we can help you navigate it.

Having an experienced divorce attorney representing you in court can make a significant difference in how your case goes. We fully review cases so we can determine how to resolve it, allowing you to move forward with your life. If you need a divorce attorney throughout the Carlsbad area, Paula D. Kleinman, APLC, can help. Contact us today to request a free consultation.


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