Star may represent self in upcoming custody proceedings

Tyrese fans in California who have been following the celebrity’s posts on social media may want to know more about the status of his child custody case. According to one entertainment news outlet, media posted to Instagram concerning the situation have led some followers to question the artist’s mental health and the state of his finances. On Nov. 13, reports surfaced suggesting that Tyrese might act as his own attorney in upcoming child custody proceedings.

A substitution of attorney was filed prior to a hearing that was scheduled to be held on Nov. 14. The star’s ex-wife, Norma Gibson, was seeking a permanent restraining order against Tyrese amid allegations that he had beaten their 10-year-old daughter. Before the child abuse case was dropped following an investigation, an emotional Tyrese took to social media to lament his separation from his child and his monthly $13 thousand child support payment.

As this video went viral, Tyrese posted a photo of himself on the phone with Jada Pinkett Smith. Will and Jada later denied the star’s claim that the couple had offered to help him pay his bills to the tune of $5 million. Although Tyrese eventually apologized to his fans and placed the blame for the erratic series of posts on his medication, sources concluded that he should avoid posting to social media while his custody case remains underway.

California residents whose child custody cases involve complicated issues may find the advice of an attorney to be more beneficial than the reaction of followers on social media. In some situations, the attorney may be able to negotiate an arrangement that preserves the existing parent-child relationships while protecting the child’s best interest.

Source: Rolling Out, “Tyrese will reportedly act as his own attorney in his child custody hearing,” A.R. Shaw, 11/13/2017

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