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Nicole Curtis engaged in ongoing child custody dispute

Californians who watch “Rehab Addict” might be familiar with the ongoing custody battle that the show’s star, Nicole Curtis, has with her ex-boyfriend. Curtis and her ex, Shane Maguire, have been battling over custody of their 1-year-old son.

After Curtis gave birth, Maguire filed a motion seeking paternity testing which ultimately showed him to be the father. Curtis responded to the test result by filing motions for child support and child care expenses, claiming that Maguire made $20,000 per week. Maguire filed documents showing that his income was instead $3,744 each week.

Maguire was granted parenting time of their son on weekends. Curtis later asked the court for permission to move to California, which the court granted. The court ruled that she would have to continue sharing custody of her son with Maguire, with the young boy traveling back and forth between California and Minnesota on the weekends. The court ordered that each parent would be responsible for paying half of the boy’s travel expenses. Maguire is now claiming that Curtis is interfering with his parenting time. She reportedly claims that she didn’t send her son because he had an ear infection. She also claims that Maguire didn’t want him on Father’s Day because Maguire had plans with his older son.

Child custody and visitation orders are made according to what the judge considers to be in the best interests of the child. People who are embroiled in child custody disputes might want to try and reach a resolution outside of court, such as through negotiating an agreement with the assistance of their respective attorneys.

Source: Radar Online, “Nicole Curtis faces off against estranged baby daddy in bitter custody battle,” Nov. 9, 2016.

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