DMX wants man mistaken for him to pay his child support

It was recently reported that a man mistaken for rapper DMX received a child support notice demanding a paternity test. There was apparently confusion because the man and rapper share the same name, Earl Simmons. California fans of the rapper are probably not surprised that he has not made an effort to clear up the issue.

According to reports, the mother and children named in the child support notice live in Florida, and the man who mistakenly received the notice lives in Massachusetts. While talking with TMZ, DMX was caught on video laughing about the issue and confirmed that the children were his. He wondered why the Massachusetts man was not in jail yet because he has not made the support payments. The 44-year-old rapper also said that he would give the man free concert tickets if he pays the child support.

This issue arose around the same time that DMX was released from custody over a different child support case. He was jailed in June after being $400,000 behind in payments and released two months early.

DMX was arrested against on Oct. 27 for allegedly not paying $10,000 in monthly child support payments to his ex-wife and four children after a support order was issued in 2014. The Westchester County Clerk’s office states that a warrant for his arrest was issued in July, at which time he was already doing time for unpaid child support. He was later released without bail so that he can continue to perform and earn a living to make the payments.

Noncustodial parents who are ordered to make child support payments face jail time in California if they fail to pay. If they are having trouble making the payments because of financial hardships, they could seek a modification of the order with the assistance of a family law attorney.

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