Court awards joint legal, physical custody to Chris Brown

On Sept. 28, recording artist Chris Brown and the mother of his 1-year-old daughter agreed to share legal and physical custody of their girl. California fans of the singer, however, might like to know that the judge must still approve the agreement.

According to court documents, the court has ordered Brown to pay $2,500 a month in child support and $15,000 in overdue payments. Additionally, the 26-year-old will be responsible for paying for his daughter’s medical bills, health insurance, schooling and nannies. The court has also approved that he get to visit with his daughter for 12 days every month without supervision.

The daughter’s mother previously asked the court to order that Brown be supervised while he visited with her. As part of a custody hearing, he was required to submit a drug test to help determine whether supervision was required. Although he tested positive for codeine and marijuana, he has prescriptions for both, so the judge ruled against supervised visits. After the agreement and court ruling, Brown expressed on Twitter how glad he is that everything worked out. The girl’s mother also posted a picture of herself and her attorneys on Instagram and said that she is very happy with the outcome.

Child custody cases are often stressful for both parents, whether or not they are going through a divorce or are able to settle the matter without third-party help. When parents are unable to agree on custody matters, however, the case usually becomes a battle that makes the issue more stressful. They could turn to attorneys or family mediators for mediation services, or allow the court to make the decisions.

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