Mediation may help during divorce

may be an emotional time for the entire family. Children might be caught up in a deviation from their lifestyle and a home life that existed in the past. But, as Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner showed, it does not have to be that way.

Parents know that their obligation after divorce is to the children. Successful co-parenting is dependent on both parents making an effort to be reasonable and flexible. Divorce be disruptive for the family, and lengthy battles add to that. Divorce mediation may be used to allow spouses to approach the end of their marriage with a level outlook. Laying out what assets and debts a couple has and deciding what should be done might be less difficult than a more combative approach.

Looking at the necessary steps to achieve a doable co-parenting schedule is essential. Spreading out the time children spend with each parent is strongly influenced by where the parents live and what sort of work they do. Being flexible with an eye toward what is best for the children allows parents to schedule time with their children. If one parent has a heavier work schedule during the week, it may behoove the ex-spouses to agree that this parent have the children on weekends.

A divorce mediator might help parents set up schedules that work for everyone, most importantly the children. Mediation also allows spouses to use the same approach to iron out differences of opinion about such things as alimony, child support and property distribution. Speaking with an attorney about this may be helpful for a person who is contemplating a divorce and is unsure about how to proceed.

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