Chris Brown in custody dispute over daughter

Singer Chris Brown is planning on suing for joint custody of his young daughter. The plan is in response to the mother’s petition for full custody of the child, with only supervised visits allowed Brown. The complicated custody battle might be of interest to California residents who are undergoing a divorce and need to settle custody matters.

The dispute began in May 2015, when the child’s mother requested a significant increase in the singer’s child support payment. The singer responded by applying for official paternity rights, since the couple were never married. If the singer is granted paternity rights, he also earns the right to petition the court to settle child support disputes. The singer has also said he will fight for joint custody if he is granted paternity rights.

The child’s mother claims that she needs to have full custody of the girl because Brown lives a hedonistic lifestyle. She is requesting limited and supervised visitation for Brown. There are also safety concerns involved, since Brown’s home has been burglarized twice in the recent past. One time, an obsessed fan broke into the singer’s home. Another time, Brown’s aunt was taken hostage during a violent robbery. Brown, however, has said that he has increased security measures for his home. He also denies that has done drugs in front of his daughter.

In cases such as this one, the courts will look at what is in the best interest of the child, as well as the relationship between the parent and the child. When one of the spouses is a public figure, there is a lot of media exposure, which might be taken into account in determining whether the non-celebrity parent gets full custody or if the parents should share custody.

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