Shannon Cortez

I believe in Attorney Paula Kleinman’s ability and expertise so much that I am writing my first review ever in the hopes that she can help your family as much as she has helped mine.

Initially, I tried to handle my case myself but after going to court I quickly realized I was in way over my head. I contacted Paula at the last minute, leaving her less than a week to familiarize herself with my case. Instead of turning me away, she just looked at her schedule and started naming off dates and times she could squeeze me in to prepare for court. Paula was incredibly easy to work with and showed great compassion for what I was going through. Obviously, family court is never going to be a fun or happy experience but my meetings with Paula managed to lighten the mood and gave me the confidence to keep going. She did her best to keep our costs down every step of the way. For instance, we were trying to obtain court records from out of state and for some strange reason the court charged far less if you used a Discover card. My husband and I just sat back and laughed as Paula rushed around her office trying to find anyone with a Discover card. She also gave me options I didn’t even know existed. Paula effectively negotiated with everyone involved and reached an agreement we could all accept, thus, ending any future court appearances, lawyers’ fees and most importantly the stress and pain this ordeal was causing my family and me. I firmly believe Paula’s tactful persistence is the only reason I was able to end this painful chapter in my life so quickly.

Paula will fight tooth and nail for her clients but she does so with tact and class. That is why I would whole-heartedly recommend Attorney Paula Kleinman to all my friends, family and even strangers on the street if they were in need of an outstanding family lawyer.

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