Keith Angelin

Everything was at stake when I called Paula Kleinman. At first I tried to defend myself. It seemed to me like an open and shut case. The opposing party admitted in court to having no evidence other than their testimony. Unfortunately under our legal system their testimony was enough for the judge to drag the case out in multiple hearings over four months! I felt extremely frustrated, resentful, anxious and like I had absolutely no voice in the process that was consuming my life. At my wits end, I picked up the telephone and contacted Paula. When she began representing me she was at a disadvantage because I had already tried to represent myself (rather poorly) over multiple hearings. But she grasped the details quickly. She represented me at the final hearing and won the case without me saying a word. During the hearing the judge actually stated to me that I had “an excellent attorney”. It was at that moment I began to feel confident for the first time in months. We won the case that day. This experience taught me a valuable lesson. I learned that, when it comes to legal matters, it’s not enough to have the truth on your side. Unless you are an expert in the law, the truth may never even be heard in court because judges are unpredictable and witnesses can be vengeful, untruthful or even suffering from mental health issues which are not considered by the court. Without Paula I believe there would have been a terrible miscarriage of justice.

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