Determining child custody during the holiday season

California residents may have different experiences during the holiday season. For some, it may represent a time of fun with friends and family members. For others, however, it can represent a time of stress and drama. Those who have been divorced may have the additional challenge of figuring out what to do with the children. In some cases, the courts don’t have enough time to help families resolve issues related to parenting and custody issues.

It may be a good idea to create a parenting plan prior to getting divorced and attempting to stick to it as closely as possible. This can be written down as part of a formal binding agreement or agreed to in an informal and flexible manner. It is vital that parents are flexible and keep the best interest of the children in mind when it comes to who they spend time with.

Parents should also understand that it doesn’t necessarily matter when they spend time with their children during the holidays. Even if they can’t be with the kids on Dec. 25, they can still make time spent together feel special. By stepping back and being flexible with holiday parenting arrangements, it may be possible to avoid stress and aggravation. It may also be possible to reduce a child’s stress level as well.

In a custody case, the best interests of the child should generally be the top priority for a parent. Typically, a court will generally make a ruling with this standard in mind. With help from an attorney, a parent could create a favorable custody schedule for the holiday season or any other time of the year. This may allow a child to have both parents available without unnecessary stress or drama.

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