Prenuptial agreements can help couples plan for the future

Many California couples planning on marriage are also considering prenuptial agreements. As increasing numbers of people marry with strong careers and significant assets already on hand, a prenuptial agreement can seem to be a great way to protect both parties’ interests and cut down on lengthy and expensive legal disputes in the case of a future divorce.

When both parties are coming to a marriage with significant assets, the draw of a prenuptial agreement can be even stronger. Both parties have a high level of interest in their individual assets and protecting them in case of divorce or directing their distribution for inheritance.

There are several ways to develop a prenuptial agreement. In order to ensure that the agreement survives a court challenge, involving family law attorneys and separate representation for both parties is an important and responsible choice. However, a prenuptial agreement can be a collaborative process in which family lawyers work in a mediation-based environment to produce a prenuptial agreement that satisfies both parties’ desires.

Full disclosure can be important in developing the agreement and making sure it is viable and long-lasting. The agreement can be backed up by documentation of each party’s assets and liabilities. These agreements can be relevant for inheritance, divorce and other matters, and deciding in advance which circumstances the agreement is meant for can make the entire process run much more smoothly.

Prenuptial agreements are not a quick matter. Ensuring that the agreement is signed well in advance of the wedding can be crucial in making sure that the agreement holds up later in court. A family lawyer who has prenuptial agreement experience can be the most important resource for a person during this process.

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