Nesting as an alternative child custody arrangement

Although a divorce can be difficult for California parents, the process can also be very hard for the children. especially if there are many changes to their family suddenly occurring. In the past, the children usually remained with their mother and saw their father every weekend or every other weekend. However, some alternative child custody arrangements are becoming more popular.

One of the child custody arrangements that may work for some families is nesting. For this arrangement, the children stay in the family home and the parents take turns staying with the children. Some families will rent a nearby house or apartment where the other parent can stay when he or she does not have custody. The advantages to this type of arrangement are numerous. Both parents have the ability to maintain strong relationships with the children and the children do not feel as if they have to pack up and move every week or so.

However, there are also a few downsides to the nesting process. For example, this arrangement will not work if both parents cannot work together. Further, it may not be maintainable if one or both parents start new relationships or have to move for economic reasons.

Coming up with a child custody arrangement that benefits the children and provides ample parenting time for both parents can be difficult. While some parents may be able to work out an alternative arrangement, such as nesting, others may not be able to work together well enough to make these arrangements beneficial. If no agreement can be reached by the parents themselves, an attorney may assist with the negotiation process. If parents are still unwilling to compromise, the attorney may advocate for a parent in front of a judge.

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