Using divorce mediation

There are different ways that California couples who are ending their marriages can work through their issues. As an alternative to going to court and having matters decided by a judge, they may want to consider divorce mediation.

This process entails using an impartial third party who can help estranged couples arrive at settlement terms that they are both content with. It provides a safe and calm environment in which both parties can be comfortable, and it is usually quicker than litigation.

The idea of going through mediation to end a marriage may appeal to many people as it is less intimidating than other divorce procedures. A mediator is specially trained to guide discussions between two parties so that both sides are able to communicate openly without arguing. Divorce mediation is also much less taxing on the couple’s young children. The stress and resentment that can be present when both parties are engaged in litigation can have a negative effect on the mental and emotional wellness of children, especially if it is a lengthy battle.

Cost is another reason mediation may be preferable. The negative changes in one’s financial situation after a the marriage ends can be compounded by the cost of a divorce that results from constantly having to go to court. If mediation is used to address and resolve the matters in dispute, it is possible that the finalization of a divorce may be the only time a visit to the court is required.

Divorce mediation is a method that can make the process of ending a marriage easier on everyone. People who choose this process should realize that they are entitled to have the assistance of an attorney at all times.

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