Selecting a divorce mediator

California couples who are considering divorce often opt to work with a mediator as they go through the separation process. Mediators are independent third-parties who can help a couple discuss their needs and come to a peaceful, equitable resolution regarding issues such as property division, spousal support and child custody.

Given that emotions often run very high during a divorce, it can be difficult for a couple to find divorce mediation services that they can both agree on. As with hiring any professional, it’s important to look at a mediator’s experience and credentials. It’s also vital that both spouses feel comfortable with and trust the mediator.

Developing trust in someone can often be a major challenge. However, there are some qualities one can look for in a mediator. For example, a good mediator will be open and honest with clients and prospective clients. They will answer questions about their philosophies and processes and have an established framework for divorce and child custody situations.

Another thing to look for is evidence of bias in the mediator. Unfortunately, some couples have reported that their mediator seemed to prefer one spouse over the other, or perhaps even had a bias against male or female clients. Facial expressions, body language and offhand remarks can be useful in detecting a biased mediator.

Even if a couple finds a good mediator, spouses may also benefit from speaking with a family law attorney. A lawyer can work to protect the interests of his or her client in a divorce. Getting legal advice may be very important for a spouse who wishes to ensure not only a peaceful divorce but an equitable settlement.

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