Co-stars in custody battle

Many estranged parents try to negotiate custody agreements peacefully, but the complicated emotions involved in these situations often prevent them from being resolved harmoniously. Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis, the co-stars of the Bravo reality series “Southern Charm”, are an example of an unmarried couple that had to take their fight to the courts. He is suing her for the right to see his children.

She says he has not been paying child support and has not even seen his children in nearly three months. He agrees that he has not seen his children, but he says it is not from his lack of trying. Instead, he says that the mother has kept their children away from him. He also asserts that he has been paying her rent each month. He is hoping the custody battle will end after their court date.

She has kept fairly quiet about the lawsuit, but he has recently spoken out about his frustrations. He says he has tried all other avenues, even making his requests through their attorneys, but he says that those requests have all been ignored. He alleges that his desperation has pushed him to sue.

Child custody disputes can be hard on all concerned, especially the children. Many parents think of them as a battle to be won or lost, but this can have a negative effect instead of protecting the child’s best interests. Family law attorneys will often suggest mediation as a less-stressful way of resolving these issues, and this alternative dispute resolution process can often result in an agreement that is made a part of a court order.

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