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Preparing for child custody mediation

Divorcing spouses in California sometimes have difficulty sorting out details such as child custody and property division issues. When a couple cannot come to an agreement on custody issues, the courts often refer the parents to child custody mediation. In mediation, a trained mediator acts as a neutral third party, offering assistance in developing a plan that ensures the best interest of the child. Preparing for mediation is an important step in ensuring its success.

Why mediation is a good idea in some divorce cases

When a couple decides to end their marriage, the emotions of one or both parties might get in the way of making reasoned decisions about many of the associated issues. This is why a mediator is sometimes helpful when going through a divorce in California. A mediator is an objective third party who helps a couple communicate and try to reach an agreement, which may allow the spouses to avoid court intervention.

Child support in California

In the state of California, both parents are expected to financially provide for a child, even if the parents are no longer together. The state uses a number of different factors to determine how much each parent is expected to provide, including income and the amount of time the parent gets to be with their child.

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