Parenting a young child during separation or divorce

California parents who are going through a separation or divorce may be aware that their child’s needs have changed. While a child of any age can find this to be a trying time, a younger child may not understand or realize what is going on. Both parents should attempt to make the transition easier through communication and consistency and by providing continual love and support.

When guiding a child through changing circumstances, a key factor is consistency. A consistent approach in setting boundaries, establishing discipline techniques and maintaining a daily routine can be achieved by open communication between both parents. A child will be familiar with what behavior is expected of them, and this can make the shift between households a lot smoother for everyone.

A young child needs to continue garnering emotional support from both parents as well as other family members and friends that hold a meaningful role in their life. A child should be able to communicate with those that they trust and feel that their concerns and worries are being heard. Maintaining these relationships can provide a sense of stability for a child while also offering the necessary love and attention that a child needs in order to thrive emotionally.

Parents of young children may need assistance with negotiating and devising a parenting plan that will promote a healthy and beneficial environment for their child. Questions and concerns with specific issues and needs of the child might be addressed in a consultation with an attorney, and this could open the opportunity for productive discussions between the parents regarding a plan that is in the best interest of the child.

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