Divorce mediation can save time, spare you stress

Take one moment and imagine what a divorce looks like. In most cases, the person imagining this broad subject pictures an unhappy couple that disagrees on most things, if not all things. They file for divorce and promptly stop talking to each — after one of the spouse’s moves out, obviously.

Then they engage in a long and drawn out divorce that costs them tens of thousands of dollars and many months of their lives. They are in the courtroom all the time, and their children are struggling to cope with this changing family dynamic. Finally, after all of these dealings, the divorce is over and the two spouses remain bitter and upset with each other for many years.

This is the reputation that divorce has and, thankfully, it doesn’t have to be this way. Divorce can be done in a far more effective and more amicable way. Divorce mediation can usually help two spouses get through the divorce process in an expedited fashion and also save them money on court costs and other legal fees associated with the divorce process.

You can go through divorce mediation and still have all of your divorce issues resolved. Just because the word “mediation” is attached, doesn’t meant that the divorce process won’t yield the same resolution as a “normal” divorce. Child custody, property division, spousal support — all of these issues, and more, can be handled in mediation and our law firm has the skill and knowledge to help you successfully complete your divorce mediation.

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