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May 2015 Archives

International treaty will help enforce child support payments

California voters may be interested to know that a bill intended to strengthen the ability of parents to collect child support payments both nationally and internationally has been passed in Idaho after an initial rejection. The bill contained the approval of a proposed international treaty regarding child support to which each state must individually agree.

Court rules man only owes support for 1 twin

In a case that may have implications for fathers around the country, including California, a court ruled that a man who was the biological parent of only one twin was obligated to pay support only for the child that was his genetic descendant. The case was brought before the Passaic County Superior Court in New Jersey, and the man claimed that he was not responsible for the support of a child that he did not father. A 1997 study cited in the ruling showed that about one out of 13,000 paternity cases involved twins who were sired by two different fathers, a process that is known to science as heteropaternal superfecundation.

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